Alta-1 College Program Overview

We appreciate your interest in our College and what we offer.

Alta-1 College is a community with over 20 years of history, offering alternative education pathways to disengaged students across Australia. Our unique program exists to provide a safe, holistic approach to learning that helps young people flourish, form relationships and take them on a journey of transformation.

In response to your enquiry please find the link to our current College Prospectus for some further information about what we offer.

Below is a video overview that explains what our College offers and provides you with a glimpse of the potential education opportunity for your child.

Where applicable, the student will be placed on our waiting list and one of our staff will endeavour to contact you within the next fortnight.

Please note: Enrolments are subject to availability. There are a few factors to establish i.e. age and location, that will help determine if we are able to help at this time.