The program

The Alta-1 program offers a unique approach to education and learning pathways.

The program combines community involvement, therapeutic support and educational outcomes. These three elements make up what we call ‘The Alta-1 Way’.

An integral key to the success of the program is the strong partnerships developed with church communities, as well as the strong connections formed amongst students and the support team at Alta-1.

Alta-1 College specifically prohibits the use by its staff members of any form of child abuse, corporal punishment or other form of punishment likely to degrade when enacting such consequences.

Alta-1 offers a safe place where students feel a sense of belonging on their path to recovery from the issues that are negatively impacting their lives so they can find a way to move forward.

Another key to Alta-1’s success is the emotional support given to students. An essential part of this process is the application of the Personal Recovery and Community Building course.

The student is integrated into a caring community that allows him or her to feel connected with others. 

Personal Recovery and Community Building stages:

  1. Sense of belonging
    The student is integrated into a caring community that allows him or her to feel connected with their community and others. 

  1. Healing
    The process encourages students to take ownership of their issues and work through them to prepare the way for recovery.

  1. Restoration
    With Alta-1 staff support, a student has the opportunity to rebuild their lives and grow as individuals.

  1. Identity formation
    The student develops a new understanding of his or her self-worth and relationship to family, church and the wider community.

  1. Purpose-driven
    By developing a clear sense of identity, a student finds a reason to be motivated in life and re-engage with their family and community.

What does an Alta-1 campus class look like?

Alta-1’s campus classes take place in our partner church premises, where students are placed in a different and more informal learning environment. With plenty of space, the smaller classroom dynamic has proven to be very helpful for students who may struggle in social situations. The campus program is highly relational and light-hearted, with sporting activities often introduced as a way to teach students to learn to interact with their peers in a new way.

Alta-1 offers two campus pathways: Senior School, and in some locations, Middle School.

The Middle School curriculum is organised around thematic integrated learning programs that emphasise literacy and numeracy development, whilst incorporating cross-curricular learning activities designed to meet requirements of state and national curriculum.

The Senior School curriculum is structured to enable students to access further learning through TAFE or other tertiary institutions, to assist students to make positive changes in their lives, and to encourage self-transformation. Completion of the Year 11 and Year 12 curriculum provides a recognised Certificate of Education.