Alta-1 currently provides limited middle-school campuses and an online pathway for students aged 12–14 years in several metro and regional locations across WA. Alta-1 also offers secondary education campus and online pathway for those aged 15–18 years throughout the Perth metro area, Great Southern WA and Caboolture, Queensland.

Alta-1 offers education and personal recovery programs for students disengaging from mainstream education. Our staff enable students to make positive changes in their lives, partnering with each individual on their learning journey.

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Yes. The Alta-1 program is endorsed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority in Western Australia and the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment authority.

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The first step in the enrolment process is an interview to determine the student’s suitability for Alta-1 programs. Once the student has been accepted into the program, we will try to enrol the student in the campus closest to where they live. For further details please refer to the list of campus locations under the ‘Contact Us’ section on the website.

We will keep you informed about placing your child at a suitable campus as soon as a place becomes available. The waiting period varies from campus to campus.

The Orientation program consists of a small group of students that run through an introductory program with the class chaplain. The program is designed to help students settle into a new environment; connect with staff and peers; develop a customised educational pathway; and access the tools to start on that journey.

Alta-1 has specific Orientation intake dates throughout the year which every student must complete before integrating into the main classroom.

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A Senior School campus has a maximum number of 38 enrolled students at any time and a Middle School campus has 25 students. Orientation classes are usually smaller (5-7 students) to help students integrate easily and build friendships with other students.

Alta-1 does not organise transport to the campuses as a general rule. It is the responsibility of the student’s family or guardian to make sure their child arrives safely at the campus.

Some campuses arrange pick up and drop off from the nearest train station. Please speak to the campus staff during the interview process for more information.

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Normal school hours are 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. Wednesdays has an early close at 1pm.

ConnectEd is a full-time program and specific criteria need to be met to be eligible for this pathway. If it is a goal for a student within ConnectEd to return to a full-time classroom, staff will work collaboratively with the family to assist, and this could include a transfer to an Alta-1 campus when the student is ready.

ConnectEd FAQs

Yes. It is a part of the student’s personal recovery journey, and classes are often 2–3 hours, once or twice a week. However, it is something that the student can work towards if they are not immediately ready to attend in person.

A medical referral letter with a diagnosis from a medical professional is required, preferably from a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist. A GP letter is also acceptable, but the family may be asked to seek a specialist’s referral. 

A minimum of ten hours a week is required during transition, with this gradually increasing over time. A full time ConnectEd load is 26 hours per week

Students are matched with a chaplain of the same gender.

Jan Hesse is our North Region Senior Chaplain and meets the qualification criteria for the schools NSCP funding and is the nominated representative of the College.

For any chaplaincy related enquiries or concerns please contact the main office or email: Jan.Hesse@alta-1.wa.edu.au

Teachers are available on the phone, email and via our online learning platform, and a chaplain visits weekly to support with the student’s personal recovery.

Yes, an adult should be physically present in the same house as the student while they are working on the ConnectEd curriculum. It is also a requirement that an adult be home during scheduled chaplain visits.