Meet our students

Alta-1 College is committed to providing a child-safe environment which safe-guards all students and is committed to promoting practices which provides safety, wellbeing and welfare of our children and young people.
*View the Missions and Values page for a full description of Alta-1’s commitment to child safety.  

Meet our students

Alta-1 has given me the tools to reach my goals. Not a day goes by without me coming out of the classroom a better person than I was the day before.

Alternative High School Education

Transforming families

Alta-1 offers learning pathways to disengaged students across Australia. Our unique program exists to provide a safe, holistic approach to education.

The Alta-1 Way


The Alta-1 Way

Alta-1 combines community involvement, therapeutic and education outcomes. These three elements make up what we call the Alta-1 Way.

Alta-1 Students

Our program

The Alta-1 program offers a very unique approach to education and learning. We apply Personal Recovery and Community Building to support our students on their path to healing and self-transformation.

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Alternative High School for Boys
Helping Change Lives

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At Alta-1, we want to support every student on their individual pathway to success and transformation.