Targeted Engagement Program (TEP)

What is TEP?

TEP is a program designed to support and prepare young people who are not yet ready to attend a conventional classroom. TEP works with students to set them up for success in attending an Alta-1 pathway, work placement or an approved education pathway.

Academic Support

  • Identify literacy and numeracy levels and associated barriers to their academic success
  • Seek to reduce or eliminate barriers and assist students to grow in academic confidence and address areas for development
  • Provide positive learning experiences in which students can gain the confidence to consider educational pathways
    Assist in setting clear and achievable academic and social-emotional goals
  • Students work with staff to develop a plan to understand their personal behaviours and how they impact themselves and others
  • Educate and provide strategies to cope and communicate effectively within a classroom setting.

TEP is a mixture of individual and small focus groups supported by a skilled Youth Engagement Worker. TEP operates with scheduled and flexible engagements.

The duration of the program is tailored to best meet the needs of each student. With the core vision of setting the student up for future success TEP operates around four key elements of engagement:

TEP operates around four key elements of engagement:

  1. Relationship Building

  2. Personal Recovery and Community Building Course

  3. Good Deeds

  4. Educational Preparation

The delivery of content within these key elements is specifically catered to each individual student.

TEP also seeks to empower students in building wider community connections that provide holistic support and foster ongoing positive networks.

Once the student’s chosen pathway has been identified through the program, the TEP staff offer assistance in bridging this student into their next education provider or workplace.