Volunteers are an integral part of the success of Alta-1 and offer an important service to our organisation. Alta-1 actively seeks to work with committed volunteers from within our partner churches and approved external VET training practicum student placements. Volunteers work together with Alta-1 staff to further our mission to transform communities and re-engage students.

Volunteers can assist through the following activities:

  • Building supportive relationships
  • Providing learning support
  • Encouraging life skill development
  • Mentoring

We ask our volunteers for an annual commitment which is reviewed on a semester basis, as we have found that this ensures a richer experience for everyone involved.

Alta-1 is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people, especially those who access our services. For this reason, all volunteer applicants undergo a comprehensive screening process and if successful, must provide current Working with Children Checks or Blue Card and Police Clearance documents before commencing.

Alta-1 will also provide successful applicants with appropriate training so that they feel prepared for their role.

Our community partnerships are key to the success of Alta-1’s mission to transform communities through justice, knowledge, recovery and hope.

We would love you to join our extraordinary team with a vision to help all our students create positive change in their lives.  

If you want to become part of the Alta-1 success story, please download our application form and we will get in touch with you. 

It was really exciting to see the student I was mentoring graduate Year 12 and to watch them come through some of the rough patches they had faced along the way … I think we’ve become forever friends. – Sheryl, volunteer

“Being young in school I wanted to have someone I could talk to who was more experienced and older than me, who could give me advice on things and have a role model in my life.” – Student