Our story

Alta-1 first began its journey in early 2000 when the co-founders and visionary leaders Peter & Marya Havel, Garfield & Sue Thompson and Paul & Martine Trinder, came together to make a difference in the lives of disengaged young people and their families.

The founders believed that the best way to support these disengaged students was by offering a safe and holistic approach to education that helps them on their journey of self-transformation. This is the heart of ‘The Alta-1 Way’.

This approach created a partnership between the School and a local Church “The Place” in Landsdale. The Place hosted the first educational site.

In 2004 a not-for-profit organization was established and in 2006 Alta-1 received its registration as a Multi-Sited School.

Each founder brings the wealth of experience in education, therapeutic support and community engagement that has made Alta-1 the organisation it is today.

Fast forward from 2002, with the contribution of an engaging church community, sound education and therapeutic support, Alta-1 has now seen thousands of students come through the program across Western Australia and Queensland. These students were once considered at risk of not making a successful transition through traditional mainstream schooling.

This is The
Alta-1 Way

Through our services of alternative education, recovery programs, opportunities for enterprise and community transformation initiatives, our goal is that young people can receive the support and training they need to survive, and reach their full potential.

This is our point of difference and this is ‘The Alta-1 Way’.